03 Wiring the Tool Board

Electrical Requirements

The Euclid Probe wiring is very simple and can be wired and function with as few as 2 wires. The first step in commissioning Euclid Probe is deciding if the device will be wired as a Z-Probe or an endstop. Euclid Probe can be configured in most printer firmwares as both and endstop and as a probe. Refer to your printers firmware documentation for determining the most ideal way for your printer.

To illuminate the LED’s on the toolboard, a third wire must be connected to the VCC pin on the tool board. This wire should be connected to the logic voltage of he controller, the same way as with 3-wire endstops. The LED’s will not illuminate in 2-wire mode.

Care must exercised when wiring the electrical connector to ensure that the correct pin order is maintained and be compatible to your controller. Common controller pinouts are shown below.

It is recommended that a function check be carried out with a multimeter or test light before final installation of Euclid Probe. With the probe and toolboard coupled, using the Continuity Function of your meter, check for continuity across the pins marked GND & SIG. If the circuit is complete, the probe was assembled and coupled correctly.

  • Depressing the switch will cause the circuit to open.
  • The LED’s will not illuminate checking GND & VCC

If your meter has the ability to check the forward voltage of diode’s or LEDS, using that feature between the VCC & SIG pins will faintly illuminate the indicator LED’s

Using the appropriate wiring crimps and connector shells, terminate the wiring of your choice and connect the wiring loom to your controller.

Wiring Terminal Locations

RAMPS 1.4 & Derivatives (the lower common denominator of controllers), : Wired as Z_max endstop

Duet Wifi, Ethernet & Maestro: Wired as a Z-probe

Big Tree Tech SKR Series Boards
SKR 1.1 & SKR 1.3: as an endstop (Z_min)
SKR 1.4 and above: as probe or endstop

Smoothieboard V1.0 & V2.0: Wired as endstop (Z_max)

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