04 Locating & Installing the Probe Dock

Manual Deployment

Manual probe deployment requires nothing more than the operator to place the probe on the toolboard when needed. Having a magnetically attractive surface attached to the printer is recommended to organize and keep the probe at a ready location. It can be pair of steel cap screws in t-nuts spaced to match the magnets to click it on to. Steel angle plate brackets secured to the aluminum extrusions are handy surfaces as well.

We do recommend that the board be attached by both magnets- errant probes seem to have the most uncanny ability to attach themselves to things out of sight if they are dropped or fall off (we have found them on the undersides of chairs, cart shelves, rolling cart wheel axles, attached to the buttons on jeans and belt keyrings).

For the initial commissioning of Euclid Probe, we encourage all new users to manually deploy the probe the first few times they use it to better understand how it intergrates into their printing system. Save those manual deploy/retract macros for later use if needed.

Locating the Probe Dock

Printer mounted docks are needed for automatic deployment and retraction. Depending on the firmware gcode programming capabilities, the dock can be either frame or moving bed mounted.

The best place to put the dock is in a area that is outside of the printing boundary – the overrun area for things like purge buckets or nozzle wiper, tool docks, etc… are perfect locations for Euclid Probe’s dock.

If your printer does not have such an area, then an area roughly 15mm x 30mm in X & Y needs to be dedicated for the dock.
The ideal location provides for both in and out motion of the probe into the dock, and as well a swiping action perpendicular to the dock to strip the probe from the toolboard.
Most often, this location ends up being in one of the back corners of any X-Y type machines. On deltas style printers, the dock ideally mounts next to one of the main columns.

Keep the dock and the dock mount as short as possible so its as stiff as possible.

Setting the Probe Dock Height

The elevation of the dock is critical for consistent, problem free deployment and retraction.

the ideal probe dock and toolboard designs allow for adjustments of the dock vertically so that when the probe is in the dock, it can meet the toolboard and be raised to the elevation to clear the exit gate.

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